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Thank you for supporting our health clinic in Kenya

A percentage of every booking for The Parentmedic Movement and Harry Helper goes to support the Aligula Dispensary Health Clinic in Soy, Kenya.

When you sign up for a program or course through Parentmedic or Harry Helper, you are directly helping disadvantaged people in Africa.


We are built to give back

Our commitment to supporting communities at the heart of how we do business. It is why we started and is integrated into our business strategy: we are built to give back to those in need.


About the health clinic

The mission of the Aligula Dispensary Health Clinic is to create a healthy community free of disease.

It will service 6000-7000 people from the local community in Soy, Kenya. Plus, it will support two schools: a secondary school with 500 students and a primary school with 1100 students.

The clinic is the result of a collaboration between the One Heart Foundation, Health2Empower, the Kenyan Government and key community stakeholders.


Our involvement in the clinic

Our founder and director, Nataly Tormey, is the clinic’s Health Strategic Advisor.

Nataly works in partnership with One Heart Foundation, who help orphaned and abandoned children living in Kenya. One Heart works to break the aid-dependence cycle so children no longer have to rely on hand-outs, and can live free from poverty, persecution, fear and oppression.

While experienced in building communities, One Heart Foundation needed expertise to manage their new health clinic. That’s when they reached out to Nataly.

Nataly gives her own time pro bono to handle Operations, Management and Funding. She is starting and overseeing seven clinics over 10 years.

We will keep you informed of the measurable outcomes and impact of your support once the clinics are established.

Here’s how you can help

Help families in Kenya by donating to our clinics. You can support us as an individual, or as a corporate partner.