Learn first aid for parents


Do you know how to save your child’s life?

Get the confidence to know exactly what to do when your child needs you.

Practical baby and child first aid skills

Our network of approved Parentmedic Licensed Educators teach you life-saving first aid skills so you can keep your baby or child safe.

You will learn how to deal with:

Infant CPR




Allergies and anaphylaxis

Breathing difficulties

Red flags on poor health

Safe sleeping situations

How it works

Click the button below to find your nearest Parentmedic Licensed Educator.

Contact them directly to book a private course or find out about their next available session.

As The Parentmedic Movement, we do not make money from your booking. Instead, a percentage of your booking fee goes to help disadvantaged communities, such as families in Kenya, Africa.

Private sessions that suit you

Best of all, you can book a private session in your own home.

Your Parentmedic Licensed Educator will customise your session suit your needs, but they mostly run for 2 hours. Get your mothers’ group together, or just you and your partner.

We also run sessions in the community, such as public libraries and swimming pools, so contact your local Parentmedic Licensed Educator to organise a session that works for you.

We can adapt the training to suit your child’s age or your concerns: above all, we want you to come away feeling confident, competent and supported.

We are happily child-friendly: you can bring your baby and breastfeed or settle them as you need, and we’re more than happy to take breaks for you to attend to your children.

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Get a good sleep

We also offer Safe Sleep training, specifically for parents of babies and toddlers. Our Educators are trained in the latest information and techniques on SIDS and safe sleep following Red Nose Australia Safe Sleep Guidelines. If you’d like your session to include time on safe sleep, mention it to your Educator when you book.

We run free community sessions
throughout the year.

Find out about free public sessions near you.

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Say goodbye to Dr. Google

Ever Googled “what is this rash on my child”? Or “should I feed my baby peanuts”? Or worse, asked your Facebook group? You end up far more freaked out than ever before.

Without foundational knowledge about basic first aid, everything feels like an emergency. And, if there is an emergency, you’re powerless to do anything about it. That’s exhausting, terrifying and, let’s be honest, it can be life-threatening.

Parentmedic teaches you the first aid you need to know if it’s an emergency AND what to do about it. It doesn’t give you medical training, but it does give you the confidence to know exactly what to do when your child needs you. And that can be life-saving.

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Who are Parentmedic Educators?

We are a movement of passionate, qualified educators who devote their time to empowering parents.

Our educators are all qualified first aid trainers who have graduated from our course. They are continuously audited and regulated. (Find out how to become a Parentmedic Licensed Educator [link to course page])

Every educator has been certified and approved by The Parentmedic Movement and is up to date with the latest information and research.

And most importantly, they’ve all been hand-selected as the most caring, passionate people around, with a shared mission to help all parents help their children.

When you learn first aid from a Parentmedic Licensed Educator, you know you will be receiving the most support, the most caring attention, and the latest most proven techniques.

Be part of the movement!