About The Parentmedic Movement

Making first aid accessible to all parents

First aid training for parents

Our job here at The Parentmedic Movement is simple: we help parents save their child’s life through information-only first aid training.

And we do this through the simple act of connecting parents to quality first aid educators; and helping educators reach more parents.

We are a movement: we gather like-minded, passionate people together to work towards the goal of empowering parents and saving lives.


Every parent, every child

We believe that all parents should know how to keep their children safe, regardless of language, situation or finances.

We are the first organisation to deliver bilingual first aid courses and meet diverse social and cultural needs.

Our mission is for every parent to know how to help their child: to keep them safe, prevent injury and know exactly what to do when their child needs them. We are starting here in Australia and are already growing across the world.

The international peak body

We are the peak body for information-only first aid education for parents.

We advocate continuously to promote the need and benefits of information-only first aid. And in so doing, we work to mandate, audit and support all providers of information-only first aid.

We welcome any individual or group who wants to provide first aid information to parents to join our network. We believe it’s vital that all parents receive reliable, trustworthy and up to date information.

We are building an international network of first aid educators who are regulated, audited and undertake regular training.

As a peak body, we are collaborating with existing organisations to improve standards of first aid training, and make more training accessible to more parents.


Quality training and rigorous standards

We ensure all our members access the most accurate, up to date information. We conduct annual checks on our Educators including testing. We continuously review feedback and gather randomised feedback from clients to check customer service.

Parentmedic Educators are all certified and approved by The Parentmedic Movement. They attend an annual international conference and regularly audited for quality.

We are a Safe organisation, and all Educators have relevant safety checks including Working With Children clearance, insurance and a first aid certificate.

“When a parent goes to a Parentmedic educator, they are not just getting the most up-to-date information in the world. They are getting support, care and confidence from someone who has devoted their career to empowering parents.”

The only first aid social enterprise in the world


Giving back is not an extra for us, it is an integral part of how we operate, and why we exist.

  • We are building family health clinics in Kenya [link to clinic page] in partnership with the One Heart Foundation.
  • We give a percentage of profits to support disadvantaged parents.
  • Plus, all our Educators volunteer a percentage of their time to train parents who can’t afford or access the paid sessions. They deliver first aid information to non-English speaking communities; to prisons, to shelters and more.

Our measurable impact

Find out more about our measurable outcomes, ongoing research,  and how our training is reducing the burden on the health system, especially in regards to helping parents manage an unwell child out of hours. See measurable outcomes [link to section in Our impact page

About our founder


Our founder and director, Nataly Tormey, didn’t want to start a new business. She simply wanted to help more parents know first aid.

This focus on helping others more than making a profit still defines us today.

As a nurse, Nataly encountered many parents who didn’t know the basics of baby and child health. They felt scared and powerless, and were presenting to Emergency Department far more than necessary. She could see that basic first aid information could not only reduce the burden on our health system, but could save lives.

Nataly wanted to start a movement of locals teaching locals. She wanted to enable more people to teach first aid with correct and trustworthy information, so more parents would know how to help their child.


“By empowering more people to share reliable first aid information, we empower more parents to help their child.”