Baby and child first aid training for parents

Because every parent deserves to know how to save their child.

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We are empowering parents to save their child’s life.
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The Parentmedic Movement gives parents the skills and confidence to keep their children safe.

We do this by connecting parents to an approved network of trusted, passionate first aid educators.

Lara Down Testimonial

"I am a paediatric doctor and became an Ambassador with the Parentmedic Movement 6 months ago when my little girl was 4 months old. I found the online course perfect, and feel so supported with ongoing resources at the material to keep making my sessions the best they can be. For any question I have, there is always someone to help! I absolutely love delivering Parentmedic sessions, as I feel that empowering parents with first aid knowledge is not only vital but also gives them so much confidence. I get a buzz every time!"


Making first aid accessible to all parents

We are changing the way parents access first aid information, so that all parents have the skills and confidence to save their child’s life – regardless of cultural or socioeconomic background.

We are a movement – a growing group of passionate people who believe that every parent deserves to know how to help their child. We are turning fear into confidence, and knowledge into power – here in Australia and across the world.

Would you know what to do if your baby stopped breathing?

Woman learning how to make chest compressions on a baby dummy during the first aid group training indoors

Parentmedic First Aid Educators give you the confidence to know exactly what to do when your child needs you.

You learn practical first aid skills from the best educators in the world in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to apply.

  • Know the steps to take if your child stops breathing
  • Learn what to do if your child is choking
  • Be confident about introducing solids and foods which can cause allergies
  • Ask to learn about issues that you’re personally concerned about. All our sessions are highly customised to your needs.

(Many Educators offer bilingual sessions in local languages, including Mandarin. Ask your Educator about options.)


"Cannot recommend this session highly enough. Janet Purcell attended my house today with a group of friends that have little ones. I have a 3 month old and have attended a lot of first aid courses before but never one that focuses on littlies. I found it extremely informative and Janet was really knowledgeable and answered all of the questions we threw at her. I hope to god I never have to put the first aid or cpr into action but knowing what to do in the event of something happening has really put me at ease. Thank you again."


Want to teach child first aid to parents and carers?

You can turn your passion for helping others into a business, or you can add first aid training to your current skillset. This is ideal for doctors, nurses, allied health and community educators.

We offer two ways you can help parents save their child’s life:

Looking for corporate partnerships?

The Parentmedic Movement is a highly trusted brand which reaches parents all over Australia.

Find out how your business can partner with us to reach, engage and help your target market.

Email Nataly Tormey directly to discuss partnership opportunities.

Peak body and international movement

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We are the peak body for information-only first aid specific to babies and children, delivered to parents and carers.

The Parentmedic Movement is a social enterprise, and is the first organisation to make first aid accessible to parents and carers of all socio-economic backgrounds.

We are currently in Australia, UK and Germany, with more locations coming soon.

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Danie Lief

"Dr. Tanya Hashmi ran a brilliant Parent Medic session in our home for my family. She was flexible and extremely helpful in organising the timing and pricing of the session around the specific needs of our group. She was warm, friendly and highly articulate. She demonstrated the wealth of her knowledge and personal on the ground experience in Paediatrics, delivering just the right amount of up to date and relevant first aid information, and correcting any misperceptions. The ParentMedic Movement empowers parents and carers to respond appropriately and in lifesaving ways to the common first aid concerns and possible emergencies we may come across with our babies and children. Thank you Tanya for the great session and ongoing support."


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